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CPA Marketing and Content Locking?

The CPA, for “Cost Per Action”, is the price that an advertiser is willing to pay for a customer to perform an action. For example, a developer wants to promote his Android application and offers $ 1 per downloaded application.

CPA Marketing aims to bring advertisers and publishers together by offering a system of remuneration per action.

The notion of action is very broad and may include:

    • Complete a survey about a product or brand,


    • Register on sites or applications,


    • Get a quote for a service,


    • Install applications or software.


Content-locking is a fundamental part of CPA Marketing because it’s the part where you earn money. The most common form of content-locking is a “captcha” that prompts the action to show that the user is not a robot.

Content Locker from CPABuild

To bring the user to perform the action, we use a “content locker”, a content lock where we invite the user to perform an action to access content.

Content can take many forms:

    • Real content like access to an ebook, soundfiles or a video, etc…


    • Extravagant content that doesn’t really exist as money generators in video games or iPhone giveaways for example.


Example: A publisher shares on his site an ebook on “The 10 best sports exercises to lose weight”. Instead of setting a purchase price, the publisher locks the download of the ebook and asks users to download an application to access. The theoretical operation is simple but the concrete implementation can be done in different ways depending on your niche, your audience, and your traffic source.

How to choose the right niche & suitable landing page?

The concept of niche is the topic you will use to promote your offer such as dating, video games, sports, fashion, etc.. Choosing a niche is an essential step to succeed in making money with CPA Marketing. The process is always the same, you choose a niche that you use with a giveaway or incredible offers. You make the user really want to complete the action to access the promised offer.

The offer doesn’t really need to exist as long as it brings the user to complete his action.


Many options but here are some ideas:

    • Focus on niches that arouse timeless interest (sports, music, video games) and are already used by others,


    • Choose a general niche that focuses on a center of interest (sport, music, passions, etc.) or a physical object (kitchen robot, phone, etc. ..). You can then target a particular audience within your niche (FC Barcelona, iPhone or concert place).


A niche too general or too vague will not allow you to correctly target the users. So be sure to have a clear niche and defined audience. Once you have chosen your niches, you will have to find a landing page.

Several ways to choose a landing page

1. Pre-host Landings page by CPABuild

CPABuild offers a creation panel of landing page (called templates) and content locker which is complete and customizable. You will have the opportunity to choose from a dozen basic models that you can then customize according to your niche.

CPABuild – Template Builder

Another advantage if you are able to achieve unique and quality landing page, you can make them public and share them with other CPA Build members.You will earn a 5% commission on all conversions made by your template (this also applies to the content locker).

Sign Up to CPABuild

2. Pre-host Landings page by OGads

Sign up on Ogads here, then go to the landings page directly hosted here: http://members.ogads.com/landingpagerequest.php

You can request a multitude of different landing pages tailored to your needs and requests are automatically accepted. Different niches are proposed by Ogads but it is better to stay on traditional niches like giveaway and free followers.

OGads – Landing Page Request section

The landings page are optimized to convert well and are mobile friendly.

Sign Up to OGads

3. RIP landing pages from other websites (Intermediate)

HTTrack software offers the ability to download a complete web page in less than 30 seconds. This solution requires hosting and a domain to host the landing page. You can then upload your landing page to your domain with FTP software.

Download HTTrack

Traffic Sources

You can promote your landing page and offers with different sources of traffic. The most common sources of traffic for CPA promotion are social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), Youtube and Google traffic.

Each traffic source offers different levels of customization:

    • Promote manually or using a bot software,


    • Target your audience by  age, gender, and nationality,


    • The level of scalability, which corresponds to the traffic potential that can be achieved.


CPA Keywords Glossary

To be successful in CPA marketing, it is essential to understand the different terms and abbreviations that you will come across.

CPA (Cost-per-action): The Cost Per Action is a mode of action to bill the advertiser based on the results obtained.
Locker: The locker asks the user to complete an offer in order to access the final content (movie, URL, etc.)
EPC (Earning per clicks): is the earnings per click. The EPC is calculated by dividing the number of cliques by the gains generated.
Leads: When someone complete offer and you receive money
CTR (Click-Trough Rate): The ratio between the number of users who really complete action and the total number of users.
Niche: A market segment that you want to target. For example, “iPhone” or “USB charger” are niches within the phone market.
Landing Page: The page where you are referring the user and suggest your offer
SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The optimization of a site for the search engines, both directly on your site (on-site) or by the creation of backlinks (off-site)
CTA (Call To Action): The call to action is the act to ask the user to perform an action.