The purpose of this guide is to show you a method to create effective and profitable WordPress websites through CPA Marketing & Content Locking.

It’s a Beginner level and easy concept: promote CPA offer through a website and traffic come from search engines (mainly Google). So you have to find a niche adapted to CPA (money generator for video games, streaming movies, ebook, etc.). You don’t need to offer something real (Check our CPA Marketing Guide)!

In this guide, we will take the example of a coin generator related to a mobile game “Criminal Case”. The website has been penalized in early 2018 due to a mistake from our side, it will be a good way to illustrate the method.

Capture of the WordPress website

Find tons of profitable low competition Niche and Keywords

You have to find profitable niches with low competition keywords that represent at least 500/monthly search.

We advise you to use SEMrush (30 days free trial offer) in addition with our free tools list.

Depending on your niche, you can find mobile games or trend apps and analyze the related searches & competition with SEMrush. For example, if you want to make a “Clash of Clans” gems generator, you can find keyword opportunities like “clash of clans generator” or “clash of clans hack”.

We find a low comp niche with at least 500 search monthly related to the game “Criminal Case”.

As you can see, SEMrush show us the keyword search volume (only United States traffic), the trend of the keyword (need to be between 0.5-1) and also offer new keywords ideas.

There are tons of tools on SEMrush and we will only focus on the keywords tool for this guide. As you can see, there are “Phrase match keywords” and “Related keywords” sections which offer new keywords ideas and combination.

So you have to select 2-3 main keywords with the better search volume and 5-10 secondary keywords with less search volume but lower competition. In our case, we use “criminal case hack” and “criminal case cheats” as the main keywords and around 5 keywords related to the main keywords.

We plan to create a specific post about how to do effective keywords and niche research but you should have a little idea about how it works.

If you rank your keyword in the first position of the search results (organic result), the user will start to come on your website. The website is just a clean and safe link between Google and your landing page. It will avoid you being penalized by Google and ensures a better longevity of the site

You then redirect a user to your landing-page containing your content-locker – where the user performs the action and where you win money!

Buy a Domain name and Hosting for your CPA Website

The first thing to set up a CPA WordPress website is to purchase a good quality domain name with a fast hosting. Google love the fast & quality websites and it’s all about the hosting you will use! A fast website also improves the user experience and your conversion rate.

We use Namecheap for our sites, it’s a big company with cheap price and good hosting. We have never had any problems with copyright or bad support.

Try NameCheap

Don’t use poor quality domain extension (.tk,.xyz,etc..), Google doesn’t like this extension and will penalize it. The best option is to use a .com domain extension, or something that correlated with the country you target (.de for German, .fr for French, etc..).

We advise you to add your main keywords in the domain name (EMD = Exact Match Domain) to help Google understand what’s your content related to. It’s also a good SEO boost! You will normally find a free .com domain name, depending on the level of competition.

We find the domain, so we use our game name and our first keywords directly in the domain name (

Configure WordPress Website with NameCheap

WordPress is the simplest solution to create a complete & customizable website quickly! Your site can be up and running in less than 5 minutes and NameCheap will install WordPress for free on your hosting. No need for a site too complex with incredible design. Do not forget that the site just serves to make the transition between Google and your landing page, so the easier it is!

  1. Choose your Website Theme

You first have to choose a theme for your website that will define the general design. You don’t need to buy any theme, just choose a free theme with minimal design and don’t lose time with this. In this example, we use “Sparkling” free theme from Colorlib.

2. Add website content and pages

Now you have a simple functional website, you have to add the basic page. You don’t really need to add “FAQ”, “About” and “Privacy Policy” but this is great to make your website legit.


The most important is the front-page, your goal is to redirect the user to your landing page with big Call To Action. You should have at least 1000 word to help rank and your main keywords with some variation.

You can add a complete tutorial on how to use the landing page, some reviews and content around the niche. You can also include some authority link from websites like Wikipedia but always related to your niche.

You should also add BIG Call To Action at the top of your page that redirects to your landing page (screenshot below). This is the most important step and it can increase your conversion by 50%!


Add CPA Landing Page & Content locker to your Website

We already talk about this on our homepage but you have different option to choose to implement your landing page on the website. We will not talk too much about this because we plan to create a specific post about the landing page & content locker.

Anyway, you can use our lp’s collection and host it directly by yourself but if you are a beginner, the best option is to use the pre-hosting landing-page/locker from CPABuild.

So first you will find a Template section (landing page) and Content Locker section on the main CPABuil Dashboard.

You can design your template and your locker separately and deploy them on direct URL after you are satisfied with your design. So first choose the right template according to your niche. You can design it by yourself in the “Build/Modify Template” section or you can choose a pre-made template in “Template & Stats”.

Next step is to choose and customize your content locker. You have different choice but we love the “Human Verification” and we have a very good result with this template.

You can customize the “Title” and “Description” of your locker, we also add a 5 Cents minimum payout and at least 2 Offers Required. When offers are complete, you can choose between close the locker and redirect to URL. We tend to use the “Redirect to URL” function link to our Website. Finally, we enable the “Escape Key-Close” and “Button Close” function.

So now you have your Template and your content locker ready, you can build your final URL. Let’s get back to the template you just create and select “Build Link” at the bottom of the page.

Now you have a “Link Generator” window where you can choose the content locker for desktop and mobile device. You have to use the locker you build specially for your niche and now you are ready to generate your first lead with your direct URL!


Please don’t use the link directly, you should use a shorten URL service like or to reduce ban. Add your link into your website and now you will need traffic 🙂

Our Next tutorial is about SEO and how to easily rank your website and get traffic.


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