CPABuild is one of the best CPA Network around, especially if you just start your CPA journey! I directly fall in love with the community, support and the website interface.

We made a complete review of CPABuild that include useful tips and tricks to start with CPA Marketing.


How to Sign UP to CPABuild and get 10$ Bonus

Be approved on CPABuild is pretty easy and the network is beginner friendly.

Sign Up To CPABuild

You need to enter REAL information and email if you want to be approved!

Every submission will be manually checked by the manager within 6 hours. You will first receive an email to verify your address mail and to confirm your request.

Most of the applications are approved but sometimes they can decline your application. In order to get 100% approved to CPABuild and after your sign-up, you can contact CPABuild manager “Jay” by email (jay@cpabuild(dot)com) or on skype (jay.cpabuild). You can also post a thread on CPABuild official thread on Cpa Elites forum.

Just tell the email + username you sign up with and since how many time ūüôā

You will directly receive a 5$ sign-up bonus, and you can easily add 5$ by joining CPABuild group on CPA Elites. Without doing anything, CPABuild gives you a 10$ bonus to motivate yourself and because they believe in you!


CPA Build Dashboard & Tools


The dashboard is very clear, understandable and noobie friendly. The main dashboard contains all the important information:

  • Your weekly result graph with clicks, leads, earning and Earn per Click (EPC).
  • The network chat where people share earning result, ideas, suggestions, and bugs.
  • The last network leads that allow seeing if the network work well.
  • Last approved public template & locker to get new ideas and new niche trends.

he left menu, you will find the everything you need about CPA Build:

On t

  • Forum: Not really active but still have useful¬†information.
  • Offers:¬†You can see all the Cpabuild’s offer on one page with tons of filter to find the best offers. You can also set locker¬†rules, only if you know what you are doing (Disable & boost offer or change offer sorting). Finally, you can set minimum offer payout per country.
  • Templates:¬†You will be able to build or modify your own landing pages (you can also check our pre-made landing page collection). You can also check the stats of your landing page, the last auto-templates and community template.


How to create & customize CPABuild landing page 


  • Content Lockers: Really similar to the template’s pages, you can build or modify your content lockers with some amazing pre-made layout and the prime locker design tool. You can check your locker stats, the set offers rules and implements your locker.
  • Build:¬†Will allow you to build your landing page and locker directly on CPABuild, and you will have a direct URL to promote. There is a great FAQ to understand the whole system.
  • Deploy: Similar to “Build” with different functions, there is also a great FAQ to understand the process.
  • Links:¬†All about the links you build, with the different type of URL’s, functions and mirrors.
  • Stats & Legacy Stats: CPABuild recently change his analytic system, you can now access to all the stats you need on 1 page (Stats). It’s very useful and complete, and if you need more information like lead list and commission, you will find them on legacy stats.
  • Account:¬†Every information & setting about your account like balance, reversal, payment, etc..
  • API:¬†If you want to use the CPABuild API system and post back.
  • Referrals:¬†You will find the Referral dashboard with users and commission and some great banners to promote CPABuild.
  • Inbox: You can receive and send privates messages to CPABuild’s member and staff.


Minimum Payout + payment frequency

CPABuild is a legit website established for a long time, they will always pay in time and weekly! The minimum payout is 50$ (you already start with a 10$ bonus) which is very low and you can easily earn this.

You will find the classic payments method: Paypal, ACH (US Bank only), International wire & Payoneer. CPABuild used to have a Bitcoin payment but they stop it.


Referral system & commission on templates and locker

Most of the CPA networks have a referral system with a 5-10% commision on affiliate earning. CPABuild gives a 5% commision on every referral earning, so if I earn 100$ as your affiliate, you will earn 5$.

The most amazing thing about CPABuild is that they give a commision if someone uses a template you share with the communities. You can earn 5% of the earning if someone uses your landing page and 1% if someone uses your content locker.

You will not always want to make your templates or locker public (hide you niche, reduce competition or anything), but it can be a very powerful way to earn money with CPABuild, especially as a beginner. Build template is pretty easy and a lot of people use the pre-made lp to earn money with CPABuild. If you are able to find the new trending niche and you build a template, you will surely earn money from this.



CPABuild isn’t a classic network where you take premade locker and put it on your landing page to make money. CPABuild is more than a simple CPA network!

You can find tons of great niches ideas, earn money with commissions from your template and locker, deploy your locker in a lot of different ways and meet a very open-mind and helpful community! You will always find great support and the team is very open to any suggestions to improve the network.

Don’t’ hesitate and engage yourself in the most amazing CPA network ever ūüôā



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