How to Upload & Host your CPA landing page easily!


One of the most important things, when you promote CPA and if you want to scale, is to find a fast and easy way to upload & host your landing page.

We find a very cheap and fast way to do with NameCheap that will cost you around 3$/year per landing page if you host 20 landing page on the “Stellar + Hosting package”.

How to set up your first Domain + Hosting

First, You will need an account on Namecheap to buy the domain and hosting package. if you use our link below, you will get a huge discount code.

Sign-Up NameCheap

The First step is to choose the good domain name for your niche. If you plan to promote with SEO traffic, it can be better to use a .com or .country extension. If you plan to promote on social media or YouTube, you can use .club or .tk extension.

We next have to find a good hosting deal. We tend to use Stellar Plus with unmetered websites – bandwidth – SSD. It’s a shared hosting so your footprint between the landing page you will host there is reduced. The price is around 40€/45$ per year and you can host at between 20-50 lp’s there.

You now need to complete your order, NameCheap accepts every type of payment. You will then receive your hosting detail on email with your Cpanel id.

The first thing to do is to enable free SSL and it’s very easy with NameCheap. Just access to NameCheap SSL, sign-in with your Namecheap account and you will be able to activate it.

You can now access to file manager and upload your Landing Page in Public Html Folder. It takes me around 5 min to do this; very fast 🙂

How to add a new domain to your Hosting Package

So you have your hosting package and you want to add a new domain, you can do with the addons-domain Cpanel function.


Then simply add SSL as you do for the first domain and you have a new domain on your hosting package.


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