OGads is one of the leaders in the CPA market industry especially by the quality of the mobile offers. The network have about 1000 active offers to promote with a payout up to 30$ per offer.

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It’s a beginner-friendly network, with great community and support.

You will find about thirty pre-hosting landing page as well as a dozen different content locker models, all optimized for mobile and computer. The interface may seem hard at first, but the organization of the different interfaces is very intuitive and complete. You have access to all important statistics to improve your landing pages and understand your traffic. The support is great and the managers will answer all your questions concerning the use of OGads.

Regarding payments, the minimum gain is 50$ and you have the choice between all the classic payment gateway: Paypal, Payoneer, bank transfer and checks. Payments are made monthly but if you earn more than 500$ a week, you can claim weekly payments.

Finally, the site offers an affiliate service with a 5% commission on all earnings of your affiliate.


How to register on OGAds and be approved Easily!

This is the best way to register on OGAds and be approved in less than 24 hours to start generating passive income!

Sign Up To OGAds

Registration on OGAds is kinda simple and free, please don’t buy any pre-approved account or things like that, it’s totally useless. The registration is manually controlled by an administrator, it’s not instant and you will have to give accurate information.

By registering with my affiliate link, your registration will be processed more quickly and you will likely be approved (on average less than 24 hours).

During the registration process, OGAds will ask you what type of traffic you want to use. You simply have to tell what type of traffic you plan to use:

  • Social network: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, etc..
  • SEO traffic: Will be better if you can show a website, just follow our guide to create a CPA website.
  • Paid traffic: If you want to buy traffic, tell the traffic network you plan to use.

You can also show previous earning from other CPA network and any experience you have with IM can be great.

OGAds is one of the best CPA Marketing networks for mobile and computer. Once your OGAds registration is validated, you will be able to log in and get used to the interface and the different features. You will find plenty of ogads method here 🙂


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