Guide – How to create CPA website and earn up to 1000$ per day!

The purpose of this guide is to introduce you a method for creating effective and profitable WordPress sites through CPA Marketing and SEO. Beginner level and quick wins!

The concept is simple: Promote your CPA offer through search engines (mainly Google) and a website. You have to find an adapted CPA niche (money generator for video games, streaming movies, ebook, etc. ..) there is no need to have a real offer! In this guide, we will take the example of a coins generator for a mobile game.

You will learn how to create a clean and white-hat site that links google with your landing-page (generator) and your content locker. This strategy will avoid you being penalized by Google and ensures a better longevity of the website.

First you will need a CPABuild account:

10$ Bonus signup and acces to my favorite CPA Network!  

  • Find niches and keywords

Search for keywords around your niche with low competition and a global search volume with over 500 monthly searches.

For this, we advise you to use Semrush (30 days free trial).

Depending on your niche, you can find mobile games or trend apps and analyze the related searches with Semrush. For example, if you want to make a “Clash of Clans” gems generator, you can find keyword opportunities like “clash of clans generator” or “clash of clans hack”.

The goal of CPA Guide is not to show you how to do a keyword search on semrush, you will find hundreds of tutorials on google. We also offer keywords so don’t hesitate to contact us here.

If you rank your keyword in the first position of the search results (SERP), the user arrives on your website. You then direct it to your landing-page containing your content-locker and the user performs an action that will pay you.

  • Find a domain name and hosting for your site

The very first thing to set up a quality website is the purchase of a domain name and hosting. Fast and quality hosting improve the user experience and your position on Google. We use NameCheap for our sites and have never had any problems.



Namecheap offers domain and hosting for less than $ 3 a month! 

Ban poor quality domain extension! Take a domain name with a .com extension or which matches with the language or geography of the intended audience (.fr for French speakers for example).

Also be sure to include your main keyword in the domain name to maximize site visibility and SEO (Exact Match Domain – EMD). For example, if you are targeting the keyword “hack clash of clans”, search for a domain name by adding or guidehackclashofclans variants.

You will eventually find a free domain name, depending on the level of competition!

  • Setting up the site with WordPress

WordPress is the simplest solution to quickly create a website! Your site can be up and be running in less than 5 minutes, Hostgator will install WordPress for free on your hosting. No need for a site too complex with incredible design. Do not forget that the site just serves to make the transition between Google and your landing page, so please stay simple!

You can choose from the themes offered free by WordPress if you really want a simple site or you can also check the ThemeForest catalog if you want a more elaborate

  • Add pages to your site

The next step is to add content to your site to make it legitimate to the user and Google. Try to look like a real site by taking inspiration from the competitors.


Minimum 1000 words around your niche, with 2 or 3 big buttons with a call to action to access your landing page (generator). You can, for example, make a small tutorial on how to use your landing page, reviews, etc.You can also insert variations around your keyword. Finally, include outbound links to official sites around your niche to improve the legitimacy of your site to Google.

– Blog

Depending on the competition around your keywords, you will have to add content frequently if you want to have a chance to get in first position on Google. Blog posts will not be read by users, only to show Google that the site is active. It’s one of the most important steps!


You can make a fiction FAQ page showing the alleged operation of the generator and the site team works to relax the user and increase the conversion percentage.

– Contact page

You can create a contact page with the extension “contact form 7” easily, add some text to make it credible.

If you do not want to write the content of your sites yourself, we offer a service for writing English and French content, contact us!

  • Add a landing page and a content locker to your site

The last step is the one that brings you money. You redirect the user to your landing page (for example a coin generator) to perform an action when the content locker appears.

The simplest for a beginner is to use the pre-hosted templates offered by CPA-Build. So you’ll have a redirect link (which you can short with or that will take the user to the landing page. Add the link on the big buttons of your site.

You can also host your landing page directly on your website (we talk about it here)


If you have followed all the steps in this guide, you will have an optimized CPA site ready to receive traffic. All you have to do is rank your site in the first position on Google through the off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This step is developed in a dedicated guide here: How to place your site and keywords in first position Google easily!